Southern Star Custom Doors

--Southern Star Custom Doors was founded in 1977. Together my wife Judy and I set up shop in Harrison County, Kentucky,  which offers easy access to Cincinnati and Lexington as well as the Daniel Boone National Forest where most of our lumber is custom-cut and kiln-dried.

--All of our doors are custom-made one at a time which allows us limitless design possibilities and wood species preference.  As for wood species, the indigenous lumber of our area includes but is not limited to, cherry, walnut, poplar, oak, ash, and maple.  We encourage the customer not to stain the wood, fake the color, when a natural finish on the appropriate wood is possible.  All wood doors need maintenance and with a natural finish this can be a quick and simple top-coating.  With a stained door, maintenance requires stripping and re-staining.  Many lumbers are photo-sensitive and age beautifully.  Remember, we are custom, and we do make doors out of wood that is not indigenous to our area.  Other wood choices include cypress, mahogany, teak, cedar and redwood.

--As for door design and construction, all of our stile and rail doors are joined together with time-honored mortise and tenon construction.  On the other hand we have done away with animal-hide glues found in King Tut's tomb and now use waterproof structural epoxies, the same ones used in wood boat production. 

--We make all kinds of doors from contemporary to classic, from high-rise apartment doors to log cabin doors and timber frame doors, from historical residences to architect-designed residences.